About Women in Conflict Zones

Women in Conflict Zones highlights the challenges that women and girls face in conflict zones and the role that they can play in creating sustained peace and development in post-conflict areas. The problems that women face in conflict zones do not exist in a vacuum. Therefore, while much of this blog will focus specifically on women in war zones, it will also highlight related issues of women’s rights and foreign policy around the world.

Rape as a Weapon of War

Throughout history while armed soldiers have fought and died on traditional battlefields, women and girls have faced severe physical and sexual violence on hidden, silent battlefields. For centuries, rape was seen as an unfortunate side effect of war, but in recent years the international community has begun to recognize that rape and other forms of violence against women are often used as strategic tactics in war.  However, traditional forms of peace-making and peace-keeping, often do not address the issues facing women, allowing violence against women to continue with impunity.



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